Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Consulting, in the business perspective, means the giving of advice for money. Consultants offer their advice and skill in solving problems, and are hired by companies who need the expertise and outside perspective that consultants possess. Some consulting companies specialise in giving advice on management and strategy, while others are known as technology advisors. Some concentrate on a specific industry area, like financial services or retail, and still others are more like gigantic one-stop shops with divisions that dispense advice on everything from top-level strategy, to choosing training program, to saving money on paper clips.

But consulting companies have one common feature;they run on the power of their people. The only product consulting firms merely have to offer is their power to solve problems. As a consultant, you are that problem-solver.

Personnel consulting firms sell business advisory services to the captains of corporations, governments, and NGOs. Typical concentrations in consulting include strategy, IT, HR, finance, and operations. Types of problems in consulting include pricing, marketing, new product strategy, IT implementation, or government policy. Lastly, consulting firms sell products in virtually any industry, such as pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, or power supply.

Advantages Consulting provides a range of customized professional programs to assist management and employees in developing the skills that enhance the effectiveness of an organisation. Consulting can facilitate executive retreats, provide consultation with problem management plans, conduct organisational empowerment programs, health and wellness programs, and provide employee assistance services. Consulting also assist employees when they leave an organisation with resume enhancing and job search skills.

The principles of Advantages Consulting possess over 40 years combined experience in providing these types of services to corporations in both the private and public sector. High quality presentations, responsive personalised service and attention to detail have become the hallmarks by which consulting work is ascertained.

Carefully look at consulting business nowadays,one will be convinced that it has come a long way.Many organisational crisis has be solved and infact,many are on the way to be solved.Consulting business is on the rise by the minutes.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Browsing the internet undoubtedly has advanced human living,however,spyware is what people now use to make the idea on unsafe at times.What is Spyware?This is software(program) that secretly gathers details about a user while he/she browse the internet.Spyware is a program or software that residents on an infected computer and collects various information about the users without their informed consent.Its definitions are diverse,depending on the view a person is looking at it.

Having know the meaning of spyware,one would know how he/she can detect spyware on he/her computer.This bring us to how we can detect spyware on our computers.Here are some useful tips to know this:
Firstly,when you can see some pop up(advertisements) you never allowed from any websites,you know there is a problem of spyware with your computer.
Secondly,when you computer takes more time than usual to complete a task,then you should know that something is fishing.
Thirdly,when your normal homepage browser suddenly changed without your knowledge,then there is definitely a problem about spyware on your computer.There many other signs,but you be concieved if you have seen anyone of the above tips.

Solving the problem of spyware.It is advisable to always get anti-spyware and anti-virus instal on ones computer before browsing the internet with computer in question.By doing this,alest some of the uncontented things would not come across your PC.

It very good to navigate the internet safe,please i advise everybody having a computer to strickly follow the above tips on how to detect and solve the problems of spyware.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The internet

The advent of the internet has really affect the human race positively,many problems has been simplified and therefore,many solutions are found.Thanks to Kelvin Ham,
the founder of the internet.

Before,it was very hard to convey useful and urgently information across to many people around the globe,but the coming of the internet has really made changes in the area,infact still making such changes.This is because now one can immediately pass whatever information they want to anywhere and in whatever form at a very quick system.

Nowadays,many businesses has been created and many has improved in terms of good service delivery and returns,all to the help of the internet.Infact,the revenues of many companies over the world has been sky-rocketing ever since the coming of the internet,this is as a result of a company with a website,with the help of the internet can win the hearts of my customers.So,their customer database is always on the increase provided the firm can produce excellent goods or render credible services.

Additionally,take for instance the latest online business opportunities,there was nothing like online business before the internet was born.Now,there are many businesses virtually everybody matter race,location,colour,capital,etc can lay hands on with the help of the internet.Many people know that but for the help of the internet,online forex and stock trading would not have been possible.Infact these online trading opportunities has really made lives for some people and infact still making people going richer by the seconds count.

Apart from the postive ways the internet has affect lives,however,there are many other side views about the internet.Many has rated the internet idea as a bad venture.In the sense that the world is more corrupt than when it was,when the idea was not concieved,this view,one will think,it is because people are entitle to their opinion,besides,no matter how good a thing is,some people will always have their own reserved views(good or bad) about that same thing.

In my heart,i always live to give my support to the great idea of the internet by Kelvin Ham.One would imagine if this man did not concieved the great notion,how would the world have been?Great idea is the internet thing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Computer Appreciation

In the world today,computer appreciation is the first step for anybody wanting to do things with computer.From all works of life,there is no area where computer knowledge is not important,especially when trying to make quick decisions.No matter the form of business or the size,computer appreciation plays great roles from the beginning to the end of organisational structure.

Recently,computer appreciation has really drawn millions peoples'attention, this is because that virtually all human terrain now require the knowledge of the computer.We can see this mostly in the area of employment of labour all over the globe where every vacant position requires computer literacy in addition,infact very important requirement.

Computer appreciation starts from knowing the common things of the computer like:knowing its componets(Central Processing Unit,Visual Display Unit,Keyboard,Mouse,Speakers,etc),switching it on and off,working around with the computer packages like:microsoft(microsoft word,microsoft excel,outllok,etc),powerpoint,corel draw,etc and every other basic knowedge.After this step,someone will be able to really work and produce outputs(results) from the computer like:typing out vital office letters,memo,curriculum vitae(CV),etc.However,some people decided to relent at this stage which they consider is enough for them while others out of curosity still move on to know or acquire more skills or knowledge of the world acclaimed machine.

Being computer appreciated has made many people living and still making living for many others across the globe today.some people are employed to work with government,multi-national firms,etc.Some researches has shownthat by the year 2025,about 85% of the world population will be able to acquire a household computer just like television in families over the world.

Looking around us today,without no reasonable doubts we agreed that the computer has really made huge changes in the way we live our lives.Life is more simple and flexible with it,quick decisions are made where necessary and above all,the whole world has been made a global village.All these were possible by our curious minds with the help of computer appreciation.